Other Computer Related Services

  • Contingency planning
  • Documentation
  • Information assurance and security
  • Software installation
  • Virus detection/recovery
  • e-Learning
  • Capital Planning & Investment Control (CPIC)

Sample Product: Mobile Learning Systems

DSAIS designs, develops, deploys, and supports interactive multimedia training systems ideal for distance learning and training standardization. Our training systems can be tailored to meet training requirements as defined by the client. The systems are designed to walk new users through a procedure until they reach a high level of proficiency and are able to proceed on their own.

The system uses video, voice, and printed material to provide a user-friendly interface. The system is portable, and authorized users working at remote locations may receive training at a distance, eliminating travel expenses. Once trained using a Multimedia Training system, staff can continue to use the system as a database development and tracking tool.

Our Multimedia Training systems are designed using Adobe Captivate, DHTML, and Javascript. These systems, which incorporate Lotus Notes, can be readily web enabled. Our Multimedia Training systems may be used to record, digitize, edit, and play digital audio files in a WAV format. The system can include both 2- and 3-D graphics as required by the training course subject matter.