Custom Computer Programming Services

  • Applications software programming services
  • Database design and generation
  • Legacy interfaces and data migration
  • Software analysis and design
  • Software programming
  • Software testing
  • Web design

DSAIS designs and maintains visually attractive, informative websites that are tailored to increase visibility, promote new business, and solicit repeat visits from interested parties. DSAIS-designed websites improve the overall outreach of your organization on a global scale. Our array of support services are tailored to client requirements from project beginning to end. These services include planning, design and development, and hosting; artistic layout; coding, deployment, and hosting; search and bulletin board functionality; system administration; operation and maintenance; continuing end-user support; current site upgrades; and ease of use and improved look.

DSAIS designs, configures, integrates, and supports web-based applications that are beneficial to any business, whether the business is growing or well established. These applications can result in substantial cost savings. During a typical system design, we will identify key data elements in a client’s ordering and provisioning process; design an easy-to-use, multi-user ordering and tracking system; identify, configure, and integrate communications and intranet server software and equipment, as required; test the tracking system using replicas of the actual client database; import any existing client data into the new system; and train clients on the new system.

We design integrated web-based document management systems using inexpensive client/server software and intuitive, document-based GUI interfaces. These web systems are capable of retrieving any document type online by reading document extensions and spawning external viewers. Document management systems allow information to be shared by all authorized users and retrieved using a variety of media through standard hyperlinks. For government clients, DSAIS has converted standard handbooks and manuals to web-based electronic formats readable using client specified viewers. This documentation contained embedded hyperlinks and multimedia presentations.

Impact Story: When HHS needed to build a “gateway’” between its customers and the medical and health information that are available on the web, they called on DSFederal to design and maintain a user-friendly, highly focused search tool that would lead researchers straight to the data they needed and which they can use to gain a better understanding of health and human services conditions and the services that respond to them.