Computer Facilities Management Services

  • Computer operations/support
  • Computer systems facilities services
  • Data processing facilities services
  • End user support
  • Equipment inventory and maintenance
  • Hardware and software maintenance
  • Help desk
  • IT facilities management, operation, and support
  • IT facilities planning
  • Network management

Impact Story: When DOE needed beefed-up security they called on ATL to implement security management controls to, for example, monitor users for physical, classified document, and cyber security access.

Sample Product: Cost Tracking System

DSAIS designs, configures, integrates, and supports web-based applications that are beneficial to any business or organization. We design interactive, web-based cost-tracking systems that operate equally well in stand-alone or networked environments. The cost-tracking system identifies cost-related items and assists in the development of cost management strategies. Using our web-based system, clients are able to track expenditures and revenues from any established cost centers and generate a record of any cost items in the database. During a typical system design, DSAIS will:

  • Identify key data elements in a client’s accounting process
  • Design an easy-to-use, multi-user cost tracking system to record, locate, and report on provisioning status
  • Identify, configure, and integrate communications and intranet server software and equipment with the new system as required
  • Test the tracking system using replicas of the actual client database
  • Import and existing client data into the new system and check for discrepancies and redundancies
  • Train client users on the new system